Camping Essentials

I love camping! What I love even more is making my life easier while I am camping. I have made a list of camping gear essentials to make your next camping trip so much easier.

This all-in-one survival kit!

  • This is a must have survival kit! Every camper knows consolidation is key, and this kit is a perfect answer to that.
  • Includes a fire stone, tactical pen, flashlight, emergency blanket, signal mirror, pocket compass, detachable foldable fork spoon, wire saws, snowflake multitool, bottle hanging buckle, multipurpose tactical survival tool, 2 hooks, parachute cord, blow fire tube, 4 pieces of fire tinder, survival bracelet, storage case, and a drawstring bag.

This Tent Fan and light combo!

This combo fan and light is perfect for your tent at night! The light is adjustable so you dont have to feel like you are being interrogated and the fan is a lifesaver for tent stuffiness. It comes with a remote control that regulates the three light/fan speed settings. The battery is rechargeable and can also charge your devices in a pinch.

I love camping but sweating all night is definitely not on my to do list so having a cooling device is at the top of my priority list!

This all-in-one utensil set!


I love trying out different recipes when I go camping and this kitchen utensil set has every utensil you could think of including a storage bag, cutting board, barbecue fork, slotted tongs, paring knife, chef’s knife, wine opener, ladle, scissors, scraper, slotted turner, 4 barbecue skewers, 4 flatware cutlery sets. So cook your heart out while you camp out.

This cooking pan set


Sure, hotdogs and burgers on the grill are classics but with this cooking set you can expand your cuisine while you rough it. There are some amazing recipe books you can purchase to make your shopping list easier! Just because you are enjoying nature doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some good bites!

Portable Shower, enough said lol



This portable solar heated shower is a lifesaver. It is designed to absorb the heat of the sun so you can have a comfortable rinse at the end of a hot day. I also like using it on everyone’s feet after we swim so they don’t track mud back into the car if we need to drive to the water. 

Solar Powered String Lights!


Okay lanterns are cool and all but sometimes blinding in the dead of night.  With these solar panel charged lights you can have ambient light for your campsite that allows you to see everything you need to. After six hours these lights can last up to eighteen hours so no need to worry about them going off in the middle of the night.

This storage line to hang your camping gear on



This lanyard is perfect for hanging your camping gear and keeping it accessible and safe. it has hooks included. This is perfect for your bags and cook wear. The loops are secure, so your stuff won’t be sliding down to the middle.

This easy to set up shade tarp

Let me start by saying I love camping; however, I have had campsites without and shade at all and this pop-up shade area was invaluable. It is perfect to set up over the table or grilling area to save you from the heat of the day. It is easy enough for one person to set up which is also amazing. Definitely something you will appreciate yourself for investing in! 

Hear me out, ecofriendly bug repellent


This spray is created by a small business and is made with 100% eco-friendly ingredients. Just simply spray around your campsite or directly on the outside of you tent and cooler to keep ants, spiders and other creepy crawlies away from you and your food. You will still need to use mosquito spray but with this you don’t have to worry about your food getting contaminated.

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